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Precision Orifice

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    Precision Orifice

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Chonghong offers a wide variety of standard options in orifice hardware.

If filtration is a concern, most of our products can include integral stainless wire mesh filters built in for maximum particulate protection. Micron ratings from 5 microns and up are standard.

Three distinct orifice products are stocked to cover most application needs , from low pressure leak detection and medical gas metering, to high pressure nozzle designs requiring chemical and wear resistance.

    .060 “diameter Sharp Edge Ruby orifice series
    .118” diameter Sharp Edge Ruby orifice series
    .087” diameter Conical Vee Entry orifice series

Sapphire and ruby  both single crystal materials are grown from the same base materials. The only difference is that Chromium is added to the growth process to turn the material color ruby red.

The hardness for sapphire and ruby material are more abrasive resistant than carbide, it is zero porosity, high temperature tolerant, extremely chemical resistant (almost inert), and extremely hard (next to diamond).

These parts are manufactured as per customer’s design and specifications. New entrants in this field can be helped by our engineering department to design nozzles to work under different pressure.

Major application see below:

    Air jets
    Medical applications
    Gas burners
    Water Jets
    Cleaning Nozzles
    Paper-Pulp Industry
    Food-Processing Industry
    Air Cushions
    Valve seats
    Ink Jets

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