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Jewels Bearing

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    Jewel Bearings

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Jewel Bearing including:Cup Jewel,Vee Jewel,Cup Jewel End Stone,Ring Jewel

1)Cup jewels 

The Cup Jewel normally used as support bearings in applications requiring very long life and wear resistance along with consistency in result.

We are one of the few specialists in the world to manufacture the hot polished cup jewels, where the polish is attained by high temperature. We manufacture these parts as per customer’s specifications from Sapphire or Ruby.

We also make complete assemblies for the customers with cup jewels fitted in metal parts. Application ranges from electrical meters to special uses where low friction and wear resistance is desired.

Energy meters

Watt hour meters

KWH meters

Marine Compasses

Water meters

Revolving Display columns

2)Vee Jewel

We specialize in manufacturing of high quality Vee Jewels which are normally used in measuring instruments where moving element is light.

We have a special process by which the jewel radius remains under strict control. Vee Jewels give minimum friction when used with conical pivots. Normally, the contact area of the pivot should be highly polished.

We manufacture Vee Jewels as per customer’s design and specifications.






Relays, Contacts, Timers & Tuning Mechanism

Rotational Display Devices

Temperature Controller


Gas meters

3)Cap jewel end stone

The end stone acts as thrust bearing for low friction wear resistant applications. It is widely used in combination of Ring jewel / Olive hole jewel for most of applications. Dome shaped end stones (also known as Bombee jewels) are used to reduce area of contact.

This jewel can be used as substitute of miniature ball bearings.




Air craft instruments


Electrical Insulators in Microwave devices

Water meters

Flow meters

4)Ring Jewel

Ring jewels are made as per customer’s specifications from Ruby and Sapphire materials. Lateral movement is restricted by straight holed ring jewels, which requires strict alignment in case of bearing application.We have a strong capacity in technics to make these ring jewel.

They are also used in water jet nozzles, where hole and edge finish is very important. 

Gas burners




Measuring Instruments

Microdosing pumps

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