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HOME » Products » Material » Sapphire&Ruby Material

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    Sapphire&Ruby Material

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Single crystal sapphire has a unique combination of physical, chemical and optical properties allowing it to withstand high temperatures, high pressure, thermal shock, and water or sand erosion. It is chemically inert, with a low friction coefficient, and excellent electrical, optical, and dielectric characteristics. In addition, its radiation resistance makes it an excellent material for use in optical windows for space applications.


Sapphire is grown by two methods: either in boule form, up to 8" in diameter, or it can be drawn from a melt in a wide variety profiles such as tubes, rods or sheets. Boule grown or Czochralski material is clear, free of seeds or bubbles striates and can be machined into a wide range of shapes for windows, substrates, and other engineered parts. Sapphire that is pulled from a melt through a profile is suitable for many applications at an economical price and is available in much longer lengths.

Boule Grown Sapphire Each sapphire component is custom manufactured to exacting standards. Parts as large as 8" diameter and as small as a few mm cross section can be made using boule grown materials. This material is available in a number of crystalographic orientations.

Profile Grown Sapphire Profile grown materials can be made with simple cross sections. Rods are available from 0.3 to 5 mm diameter and up to 1800 mm long. Tubes are available from 2.0 to 25 mm OD with wall thickness from 0.5 to 1.5 mm and lengths from 300 to 1800 mm. Ribbons are available 100 mm wide and from 0.4 to 2.0 mm thick with lengths to 700 mm.

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