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HOME » Products » Material » Grades of Sapphire

  • The name :

    Grades of Sapphire

  • Product Description
  • Sapphire has number of grades: Grades are decided upon after inspection of each synthetic sapphire batch which has been grown. There are also many growth methods. So far,the best optical grade sapphire comes from the H.E.M. and Kyropoulos growth methods .

  • Model :

Optical Grades(1-2)

Grade 1:An ultraviolet (UV) grade sapphire or non-browning sapphire will not solarize on exposure to UV light,which is
usually available from our Kyropoulos growth methods material

Grade 2:A high grade of sapphire would have little or no light scatter or lattice distortion and be used mainly for the mostdemanding optical applications

Mechanical Grade


Mechanical grade of sapphire(Lower grade) may have extensive light scatter or lattice distortion, being used mainly for
mechanical and structural uses such as bearings, fixtures, and less demanding optical applications.

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