Sapphire tube improve life of the sensor in a gasification reactor


Parking by fewer accidents increases utilization
Long life thermocouple reduces operating costs (OPEX)
Enhanced security features to prevent release of reactor waste
Double seal system enhances process integrity

High temperature and high pressure process
Measurement of entrained-flow gasification of liquid and gas phases in the process temperature
Application characteristic
Temperatures up to 1800 (3272) ℃ ℃
Pressure 65 bar (943 PSIG)
Pollutant gas (such as hydrogen and carbon)
Oil and gas, refining and power industries in the gasification process of measuring instruments in a severe
Environment, including up to 1800 degrees Centigrade (3272) temperature of 65 bar (943 PSIG)
The stress and pollutants against thermocouple. These environments can result in high costs (by the accident stopped
Car led), lower (led by a thermocouple failure) and the frequent replacement of thermocouples.
Moreover, the traditional temperature failure inside the reactor material released into the atmosphere, you may
Would pose a security risk, and increase the risk of fire and injury.
To meet the challenge, Emerson process management has developed a gas-tight Sapphire protection tube
Surrounding temperature thermocouple. This will help reduce the exposure of the thermocouple in a gasification reactor
Pollution, thermocouple three times the life of conventional thermocouples life times.
Emerson process management is proposed United States Patent 6,053,453 to protect in this way, patents
Referred from Sapphire casing to support tube in a gas-tight seal. When an external protection
Sapphire within the tube or pipe bursts, double sealing system prevents reactor releases harmful substances
Mass. Optional flange forging process and a shell of connection in order to solve the leakage of hydrogen gas.