Sapphire Rods suppliers of electronic parts needs or blowout growth stocks rose and Sapphire product description and typical application of round bars

Demand for electronic components, or “blowout” growth

Sapphire ingot supplier shares “radiant”
Market research firm IHS 14th a report expected to be released, thanks to the use of Sapphire substrates in electronics hardware rose this year for the manufacture of substrates of 2-inch-diameter Sapphire wafer (Sapphire ingots) consumption will grow 70%, 54-kilometer, estimated that by 2016 annual consumption will be further increased to 84-kilometer in 2012, representing a growth of 166%.

Industry analysts point out that, in parallel with the growth in demand for LED, Smartphone market demand for Sapphire substrates is also achieved strong growth, ease the excess supply over the past several years to Sapphire ingot market obstacles. By 2014, for the production of smartphones and other mobile devices part Sapphire ingot demand total demand ratio rose to 20% from 5% last year. Stimulated by increased demand for sapphires, overseas suppliers stock price rise so far this year.
Growth in demand of “dual drive”
Sapphire ingot is aluminium oxide crystal, mainly used in the production of Sapphire substrates and Sapphire substrate is required for LED lighting substrate base materials, requirements are substantial. IHS reports show 2012 LED market demand accounted for 90% of Sapphire ingot full demand.
Now Sapphire ingot face a growth in demand of the engine. IHS report said current smartphone makers, including Apple are Sapphire ingot used for camera lenses and Home keys (Home) button, this drive Sapphire rapid demand growth.
Son and of the global smart-phone giants such as LG.
1. product description

Sapphire as a product of nature’s hardness is second only to Diamond, and it also has excellent optical and physical properties. So sapphires are often used in special needs on the device and harsh work environments. Sapphire material has the following main features.
①. Sapphire Crystal has a good transmission performance, its light transmittance in the range of 0.15~7.5 μm, covered in the ultraviolet, visible, near-infrared, the infrared band.
II. its expansion coefficient of only 5×10-6/, the melting point of 2050, operating temperatures up to 1900, has excellent resistance to heat shock and high temperature performance.
③. have good mechanical properties, the hardness of Ta Mok’s 9, and also has good compressive strength, compressive strength and flexural strength.
II. it has a very good package, can keep closure system in high vacuum condition, even hot and cold shock does not have any leakage.
II. it has good radiation resistance and electrical insulation properties.
Sapphire has good wear resistance and can process high surface quality, our company can provide surface finish up to S/D40~20 Sapphire rod.
2. typical applications:
①. laser-guided.
II. the piston rod
③. insulators
II. main shaft