LED Sapphire rods prices rebound

OFweek semiconductor lighting network news this year early Sapphire Crystal Rod 2 inch products each mm quotes once fell to 2.8 dollars, capacity economic scale insufficient of manufacturers for not enough cost and have exit, with LED City condition improved, plus other application field increased, crystal rod 2nd quarter quotes began rallied, July quotes more breath jumped rose to 3.8 dollars, currently Taiwan maximum factory for more peak its of Taiwan concentrated electric, operating performance is expected to jumped rose.

Sapphire ingot LED is the most upstream raw material, manufacturers take after a long crystal ingot, slicing to the base plate plant, and finally LED to produce grain grain plant. But now grain prices fell hard up for substrate acceptance of the price is very low, base plate including signs far, Gemmy, Golden grain drill, pass on raw material price rises, prices cannot be effective cost, operational performance test.
Solid Sapphire substrate factory supply

Legal persons pointed out that Sapphire ingot factory in the world at present there are 4 main, where market share is highest in Russia of Monocrystal, Korea STC, United States Rubincon 3rd Taiwan owned by Acme concentrating power 4th hit in mainland China to catch up. It is understood that the highest July price increases were concentrated power, monthly price rise 20%,Rubincon rise 15%, Monocrystal and hit rise 10% respectively.
Spotlight: no expansion
Although cost difficult to pass, but LED grain factory orders continued to come in, Sapphire substrate manufacturers must spare no effort to consolidate supplies. It is understood that the International Optoelectronic exhibition in Taipei a few days ago, Russia Monocrystal executives also came to Taiwan, the major substrate factory have also called on the hope that a stable supply, but also jointly and severally liable to pull prices higher, ingot growth established.
Sapphire ingot market, Acme spokesman Zhang Shengchuan, downstream demand rebound ingot price there is better than it was before, now concentrating power single-month production capacity remains at 45~50 mm, currently there are no expansion plans, capacity utilization and prices not be released.
Sapphire substrate factory xinjing drilling spokesman Li Jizhen said, ingot 3rd quarter of quotations does significantly increase, because the LED on the one hand includes backlight and lighting requirements grow, sapphires have been added other applications, including use in a handheld device, a major supplier of capacity have been booked.
Base plate plan Q3 rose
Wafer current monthly capacity of about 100,000 mm, mainly for personal use, of self-sufficiency about CK. Companies say there are still cheap stocks, so the price impact should be limited in the short term. Base plate plant also plans to raise prices in the 3rd quarter, but manufacturers also said prices also depend on customer acceptance, especially wafer substrate cost is about 50%, and passing is very difficult.

Source: http://www.ch-microtek.com/