Industry leading backdoor listing Sapphire unit looking into the concept “meat and potatoes”

Sapphire 1.65% concept stocks rose yesterday, the highest in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets plate or top the charts. Plate in the Southwest pharmaceutical industry (9.95%), Crystal optical (5.95%), Tong Feng electronic (3.11%), Crystal-hosen electromechanical (2.88%), Angie technology (2.78%) stocks rose significantly.

In fact, since the sector bottomed out July 25, as of yesterday has risen 12.05%, during this period, Southwest pharmaceutical, optical crystal, Han’s laser and other stocks were up more than 15%.

News from the industry, Harbin aoruide backdoor Southwest pharmaceutical industry listing has attracted great attention in the market, and the event is expected to lead to excess income of the Sapphire plate. Southwest pharmaceutical industry August 12 announcement said the company intends to 7.42 Yuan after the asset exchange 497 million shares was aoruide a 100%/unit ownership and plans no less than 7.42/increase does not exceed 138.814 million shares to aoruide “expansion project of large size Sapphire materials industrial base” and the fall of electro-optical “Sapphire Windows base project”. Zuo Hongbo, one of the first and aoruide the actual controller of the company assets replacement; aoruide 100% owned by difference of replacement parts to the shareholders by the company increased acquisitions asset replacement is complete, Zuo Hongbo to reset all of their access to the assets of 413 million yuan in cash and 29.99% shares of the company held by the Tai Chi group. After the transaction is completed, the company’s main business will be turned into sapphire crystals and crystal growing furnace equipment suppliers.
Apple and Sapphire “scandal” is often effective catalysts to stimulate the Sapphire concept gains. Market that Apple will bring Sapphire industry leaps. Industrial securities said that through research and the Apple of Apple patent cooperation with GTAT 578 million dollars, Sapphire will cover but about Apple’s future strategic materials, reflected Apple’s layout in the long run. IPhone application once the Sapphire plate, Sapphire industry development. 2014 LED substrates and Sapphire window size of about 5 billion yuan, from 2015 to 2016 is expected Apple Sapphire cover demand will reach 7.5 billion yuan, 9.3 billion yuan, non-Apple Sapphire cover demand will reach 4 billion yuan, 7 billion yuan.
In addition, the LED industry demand for sapphires is still increasing steadily. Sapphire has superior electrochemical, optical and thermodynamic properties, is widely used in LED, VLSI SOI and SOS, superconducting Nano-thin film substrates as well as infrared, such as military installations, high-intensity laser window material, which LED a long Sapphire the major share of the market, data shows that 2013 LED 78% per cent of total demand for sapphires. Benefit from the outbreak of the LED lighting market, LED industry is still in a period of rapid growth, has predicted the future 5 years LED the market demand for Sapphire’s compound growth rate will remain at about 30%.
In stock configuration, xingye securities said that future Apple Sapphire largest suppliers are expected to 40% per cent global market share (about 20% is currently the world’s largest market share of the company), so that there is 10 times more than double the growth, is the industry’s most valuable company. From Apple’s demands, technology, low cost junior capacity and size of businesses are most likely to be Apple’s suppliers.
Based on the above logic, aoruide the world’s largest production capacity, long good grain quality, cost control, Lan Si reserves large cutting capacity and has invested heavily in extending upstream, is by far the most valuable companies and proposals concern Tong Feng sheng electrical electronics and ceramics.