Four contact-cooled laser Sapphire window in the treatment of skin

Vitamin c, which can replenish the missing collagen

Contact-cooled laser Sapphire window close to the skin in the treatment, local skin cooled to 5 degrees, not only effectively protect the normal skin is not the heated injury reduces pain, increases energy improves the effect of laser treatment head lodging laser skin under the hair follicle to absorb increased 30%-40%
New to laser hair removal treatment instrument, it relative Yu past single wavelength to laser beauty with has has great to upgrade has can adjustable to pulse width can removal different weight to hair, regardless of is slender to lip hair, also is coarse to leg hair, chest hair; hair removal Shi to pain is small, only minor to acupuncture sense, rarely occurred skin burns, these are is electric needle or laser faded hair cannot compared intends to professional to laser hair removal effect how? actually laser hair removal compared all other to hair removal technology more can reached permanent hair removal effect, Laser dressed more speedy, comfortable, fewer side effects

Before treatment (in January), do not use any other hair removal treatment (including hair removal creams, feathers, etc), otherwise it will affect the effect of IPL hair removal, hair removal hair removal do not wash hot water within 12 hours after, others have nothing to note of course depending on your specific situation, your doctor may also have other requirements
Composite color light permanent hair removal, no pain, whole process only a few minutes Bell, almost no what feel usually through three to four times to treatment, arm, and shank, and armpit to troubles on can completely clear has composite color light permanent hair removal is according to selective hot Dynamics role principle, photon head launches to beam, will penetrating skin surface to hair follicles epithelial, and hair nipple and hair follicles in the containing fruitful to Xuan pigment, these Xuan pigment selective absorption laser light, produced to heat formed moments local high temperature, damage hair shaft and the hair follicles, Block and the end of hair growth, so as to achieve permanent hair removal
Dang you cannot in diet get some helps skin to components, so Nepal grams to amount to joined some pills to using as auxiliary enzyme q, it containing rich to anti-oxidation components, can protection skin from by free base hurt and improve skin to self repair capacity months see grass oil, it can helps skin improve itself to moisturizing capacity fish oil, contains rich to fatty acids, can formed skin to protection film, and can protection skin to water, reduced outside on skin produced to stimulus, also can reduced skin surface to some inflammation
Human hair to dormant period usually for 6-12 months, so permanent hair removal impossible 1 times completed, usually need for 3~6 times hair removal, to basic reached permanent hair removal effect also that, permanent hair removal to time span usually for in half around is normal to so, from spring beginning for hair removal, to summer to when on can enjoy show himself smooth to skin addition, from skin health nursing angle for, spring climate cold, long length sleeve in body, without worried was exposure
For permanent hair removal to method for laser hair removal is according to selective to light hot Dynamics principle, through reasonable regulation laser wavelength energy pulse wide, laser will can through skin surface arrived hair to roots hair follicles, light was absorption and into for damage hair follicles organization geothermal energy, to makes hair lost regeneration capacity while and not injury around organization, and pain minor to technology laser hair removal operation for main for growth time to hair to damage hair follicles, reached except hair effect laser hair removal Hou to days may also will has redness, SCAR to signs, But until laser hair removal recovery Hou, new to colour will exhibition now you to before so laser hair removal is currently most effective to permanent hair removal method one of freezing hair removal is by Israel fly meal laser company exclusive patent launched, also is currently most advanced, and most effective to permanent hair removal method, according to selective light hot role principle, revolutionary to using fly meal freezing semiconductor laser hair removal instrument, laser penetrating skin surface makes hair follicles keep must temperature, mild to makes hair follicles and around stem cell lost activity, To achieve permanent hair removal purposes it can be a large area cool and painless removal of superfluous hair, effectively protecting the surrounding skin, so that the person that love can quick hair removal
Four, posted cloth hair removal hair removal principle: with honey wax hair removal similar using method: according to by needed hair removal parts to size cut Xia posted cloth posted in need to parts, forced fast tore down tore to action to fast effect only good, or will very pain hair removal usually in beauty salons for experts tips: using Shi will caused pain, but posted cloth not like honey wax will on skin brings stimulus; down tore Shi, body hair simple left in pores within part, broken has half to hair end very simple tied into hair follicles, caused hair follicles inflammatory
Removed: there are women like groomed eyebrows, often using tweezers to pull out because they cannot directly destroying hair growth centers (hairball), within 5 weeks to 7 months after the removal of the time, the hair will grow back, of course, the uprooting of some pain, pulling a piece of pain, this is also the only thing torture.