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The world’s largest Sapphire form

In Sri Lanka, “jewel city” Ratnapura gem minerals found in the largest Sapphire in the world, recently unveiled the world’s veil.
Its weight is amazing, 1404.49 CT, equivalent to about 280g (less than 10 ounces). Local gemologists say they have never seen a more Sapphire.
This is called “light stone” a type of gem, six-pointed stars shine above, is reflected from the inside of the Crystal.
Anonymous master to the BBC that the precious stones can sell for $ 175 million. BBC the wiring of the University of Cambridge mineralogist Simon Redfern, exploring the gems form.
Like the large sapphires are very rare
Formation of the Sapphire is a very long process. This particular Sapphire in rocks formed in the Highlands of Sri Lanka. Most rocks are granite, by solidification of molten magma cools down, formed under the scorching heat and high pressure.
Sapphire Block Sapphire Block
“Granite has been identified here for nearly 2 billion years of history. And more than 500 million years ago, massive mountains formed of metamorphic rocks, rock was squeezed restructuring. Temperature, the root causes of these mountains has more than 900 degrees Celsius, the pressure more than 9000 atmospheric pressure. ”
Sapphire might formed before the granite restructuring, or later when the rock was formed when heated and compressed.
Redfern said: “no matter what the situation, temperature and pressure in a million years is very slow. Such crystals can grow so large. ”
Small uncut sapphires, relatively common in Sri Lanka
Gem formed squatted on the rocks and mountains uplifted crust, rock was uplifted and eroded. “The rocks were brought to the surface after rain erosion and weathering, will be sent into the River, to the sand-stones of dalatenapule farm. ”
Sapphire mineral in the journey survived because they were hard enough. Relatively softer rock erodes into the mud and sand, conducive to the formation of the heavy rains in Sri Lanka the riverbed.
Sapphire is so hard is because they are made up of corundum, aluminum oxide. “Corundum is a hard guy, can be used as Abrasives on the sandpaper. ”
“If you add tiny amounts of iron and titanium to alumina in aluminum-oxygen mixture, and growing, you can create sapphires. Sapphire is the ‘ impurities ‘ corundum – with traces of iron and titanium. ”